Dosage visits Women's Health Live 2019

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A WEEKEND of wellness, fitness and Women’s health

By Dr Julie Moltke

Dosage visits the first Women’s Health Live

I bike along the lush, green regents canal and arrive at business Design Centre London in Islington, at the Women’s Health Live fair 2019. I park my bike outside and soon I notice the slow stream of people, predominately women with a mix of a few sporty looking men, arriving for the first day of the first-ever Women’s Health live.

As soon as I enter, I notice the high energy in the big room. Harvey Nichols has the first two big stalls upon entering, and you can shop sports brands in bright shiny colours or get a make-over with their beauty staff. A stream of people is passing by in gym outfits on their way to or from one at the many hundreds of work-out classes offered in the Sweat Studio, the Yoga Studio or the Functional studio this weekend.

In the middle of the room, a group of 6 girls are jumping on a trampoline to loud techno music while doing some sort of body combat work-out. It looks like a lot of fun, and it makes me think that this is how exercise should be – playful and yet challenging. I get offered to try a dozen of different protein bars, everything from the tasty Deliciously Ella to fruity Lärabar. They are all quite yummy and sweet, and with a surprisingly high amount of sugar and calories compared to the small size; I realize that I just ate the equivalent of the salad I had for lunch in less than 5 minutes.

The sells CBD oils and tinctures

I visit TheDrug.Store, the only CBD retailer at the fair, and talk to them about their CBD products. They showcase a variety of brands that I recognise as high-quality oils and creams. They even sell CBD mints and CBD intimacy oil, something that can come handy at the end of that romantic date.

Johan Obel from tells me that their pop-up shops in Kings Road and Notting Hill went so well that they will now be opening a permanent flag-ship store in Marylebone high-street this summer. has a beautiful, bright stand facing Upcircle Beauty, a London based brand making organic natural soaps and body scrubs from coffee and chia waste.

Is food the answer to modern medicine?

After saying good-bye to Johan, I continue through the big room, passing stalls selling gym clothes, beautifully coloured water bottles and food supplements in all forms. I make my way to the highlight of the day for me, the panel talk with Claire Sanderson, editor in chief of Woman’s health discussion “Is food the answer to modern medicine?” with Dr Rupy Aujla, Dr Hazel Wallace, Dr Giles Yeo and Jasmine Hemsley. Organic coffee in hand I sit down with my notebook, next to a woman who told me she just came from a bar class, without bars, and settle down for an exciting 45 minutes of debate. Read; “Is food the answer to modern medicine?” .

Do you think food is the answer to modern medicine?