Meet Sarah Drai - Yoga Teacher and Founder of Yogi2Me

Sarah Drai, Founder of Yogi2Me

Meet The French Yoga entrepreneur who started Yogi2me

By Dr Julie Moltke

What is Yogi2Me and who is Sarah Drai?

Dosage had the pleasure to ask Sarah Drai, the French yogini and founder of the London based Yogi2Me, a few questions.

A few years ago, after a long career in banking, Sarah flipped her life upside down and trained to become an expert in the yoga and meditation field. She believed that yoga should be made more accessible and discovered that many people were unable to fit group classes into their schedules or were simply too intimidated to attend them. And so, Yogi2Me was born allowing users to fit yoga into their schedule by choosing an experienced teacher to come to them anywhere, anytime.

What do you do as the first thing when you get up in the morning?

It goes without saying that on the occasion I find myself running out the door at the crack of dawn, mat in tow, to arrive at my classes on time - after all nobody's perfect!. However, typically my go-to in the morning is a cup of hot water with lemon and a breath of fresh air by the window. I freshen up a little and practice yoga for around 40 minutes followed by 20 minutes of meditation. By that time I feel I deserve my breakfast and take time to reflect on everything I have to be grateful for.

What is most important for you in your yoga practice?

Consistency and being consistent with my self-practice. There are, of course, days when I drag myself onto my mat however yoga never fails to make you feel better and pick you up. Thus, I never feel guilty about committing a healthy amount of time to my practice.

Which yoga poses would you recommend to reduce anxiety?

I believe all yoga poses help to reduce anxiety, no matter how long the practice. It is important to note is that it is the practice itself which helps to reduce anxiety as opposed to the specific poses themselves. If you struggle to find time to practice and need a short term fix, then the most efficient way to reduce anxiety is to focus on your breath. Your breathing is always there and you are in control so have the power to slow it down. A short Nadi Shodhana (pranayama exercise) will work wonders!

What does healthy living mean to you?

Healthy living starts with a healthy diet - we are what we eat after all! In my personal experience, a healthy diet became paramount to healthy living for me after starting yoga (asana). I now realise that having the movement from yoga magically changed my appetite and the way I eat. Once it became a part of my daily life bad habits, such as indulging in junk food, disappeared and yoga naturally changed my eating habits.

The cherry on the cake for healthy living is to have a consistent meditation practice. Everyone is different... some start yoga with meditation but in my case it took me 10 years of yoga asana practice to get into it. Our most important asset is our mind, it drives everything else. Spending 20 minutes daily to nourish your mind by giving yourself a break (aka meditating) is time well spent for healthy living. Think of it as allocating 1% of your day to the most important part of your body.

What do you do to keep your mind healthy?

A consistent meditation practice. It's a life saver which has kept me out of trouble in the past. With daily meditation practice I react less, experience less conflict, feel more content in myself, the list is endless!

Do you have any experience with CBD and cannabis products?

I believe that most people experiment with drugs at some stage in their lives however it is a very positive step to see that CBD, a legal substance, is now available on the market allowing consumers a healthier and safer option to cannabis.

If you have used CBD, what did you use it for?

I was offered some drops after hosting a yoga class with TheDrug.Store. I enjoy the taste of it and can feel the relaxing effects after consumption.

What is your best advice for a healthy and happy life?

Get on your mat and start a meditation practice (even just 5 minutes per day!) Try it for 10 consecutive days, stick to it and I guarantee you will feel the benefits and self-progress.

Share you knowledge with the Dosage Family; What is your best advice for a happy and healthy life?