Dosage Visits Vitafoods in Geneva

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Visiting Vitafoods: The future of nutraceuticals

By Julie Moltke

From London to Geneva

The morning had not yet broken and the rain was slowly pouring down as I got on the bus from my home in east London towards Stansted airport. From May 7 to 9, the massive Palexpo convention centre, a few hundred meters from Geneva airport was full of products from over 1,200 global suppliers. Covering the whole supply chain, from ingredient to shelf, I was excited to discover the newest and most exciting trends in the nutraceutical industry as it looks today.

It was still raining as I got off the plane and made my way, along with the hundreds of other travellers, to the impressive main exhibition hall. With a delayed flight I was already running late for my interview with the CEO of the Swiss-based CBD company, Kannaswiss.

I interviewed the CEO of Kannaswiss

Rushing past the endless rows of boots with shiny brown fish-oil capsules and protein drinks in small plastic cups I realised how much the health and wellness industry has grown in the past decade. We want to optimise everything from our performance to our sleep and all of these boots offered different supplements providing just that.

I met Boris Blatnik over a coffee and spoke with him about CBD and how to survive in the fast-growing industry. You can read the full interview with Boris here, but to cut to the bone, his most important points were to make sure to gain credibility through strict quality control and by following the legislation and regulation down to the smallest detail.

Boris and his team are working on finding the best delivery method for their CBD products and they are currently working with water-soluble cannabinoids which have been proven to have a higher bioavailability (the amount of the CBD that actually is absorbed by the body).

CBD is one of the hottest topics in the health and wellness industry

Kannaswiss is not the only hemp-based company who are on to this important lead; The Dutch company Plantine has developed a water-soluble, full-spectrum (the means it contains a lot of different cannabinoids expect THC), crystalline protein powder. I went by their boot to have a sip and I was surprised that the healthy cup of CBD water had absolutely no taste or aroma. I would make sure to look out for CBD in its water-soluble form, with the potential for less waste and getter a bigger benefit from the cannabinoids ingested.

Later I visited Swiss Cibdol, one of Europe’s leading CBD brands. They produce high quality plant-based CBD and synthetic CBD with the most modern extraction methods. A member of their knowledgeable staff informed me that they see CBD in food and beverages as one of the biggest trends in the CBD industry this year.

Protein bars around every corner

Diffusing through the stands, stopping for a 10 minutes massage with The Mobile Massage company, I noticed some of the other trends of 2019 besides CBD: If you are in the health and wellness industry you cannot escape the protein boom. At the tasting centre, I tried out at least 35 different protein bars, balls and drinks. Based on either milk or plant protein, they all tasted rather sweet, even though testifying to not having any added sugar. They are probably a great choice for your post-workout, but as I was just heading straight back on the plane, I had a nauseous feeling that I had just consumed my calorie intake for the rest of the day in less than 10 minutes.

Other trends to watch out for are the dried superfoods like berry-powders from Danish-based BerryShield, seaweeds like Spirulina and sea vegetables from brands like Hana Tsunomata with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and neuro-protective properties.

Vegan food supplements are here to stay

A last noticeable trend is the vegan version of the known food supplements. Most of us know that omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) are good for our bodies and important for maintaining brain function and for the skin and eyes. Often these essential fatty acids come as fish-oil DHA supplements, but with a rising number of people choosing to live a vegan lifestyle, the number of vegan food supplements has also been on the rise, like algal oil from Dutch Bioriginal.

A love letter to myself

I ended the day going through “The cycle of glow” with Lycored, the American based vitamin and carotenoids (antioxidant) company who promote wellness through a holistic approach, focusing on mental health as well as nutrition. I wrote a love letter to myself and left it in their big mailbox, with a promise to receive it one day in the future. Walking back to the airport through the rain, it made me smile to think of one day receiving a love letter from myself. Because after all, if you do not love yourself, who will?               

What do you see as the most exciting nutraceutical trend at the moment?