6 CBD Application Methods

CBD cream application

6 ways to use CBD in your daily routine

By Dr Julie Moltke

CBD products come in many various shapes, sizes and concentrations, from mint tablets and sweets to oils and capsules. If you are looking to try out CBD for the first time it might be worthwhile knowing what products are out there and how to use them. This is why we have made you a small guide about the different ways of applying CBD. Keep in mind that the CBD you can get online is not yet approved for any therapeutic purposes and that you use it at your own risk. Having said that, the world health organisation has stated that CBD is generally well-tolerated and with a good safety profile. We suggest that you consult your doctor if taking CBD together with prescription medicines and to not take CBD during pregnancy.

Oils and Tinctures

Oils or tinctures generally come in small bottles and are consumed by dropping a few drops on or underneath your tongue.

Tinctures and oils generally have a high concentration of CBD: However, CBD content can range from 100mg-1500mg, which is why it is always wise to double check mg of CBD, % concentration and the total amount of liquid when buying products.

Usage Advice: Oils and tinctures are most effective if they are kept in the mouth, under the tongue or along the cheeks, for a while in order to ingest as much CBD sub-bilingually before swallowing the liquid.


CBD concentrates are typically the most concentrated CBD products. They can contain a dosage of up to 10 times higher than average CBD products. The high concentration allows for a convenient intake of a high CBD dosage.

Usage Advice: Concentrates are generally delivered in oral applicators. Press the suggested dosage onto a spoon or the tip of your finger after washing your hands. Next, place the concentrate dosage your tongue. Concentrates are most effective if they are kept in the mouth, under the tongue or along the cheeks, for a while in order to ingest as much CBD sub-bilingually before swallowing.

Capsules and Tablets

CBD capsules, softgels and tablets are quickly gaining popularity as they are an easy method of regulated CBD intake. They do not require manual dosage and are offered in a range of concentrations, typically from 5-25mg of CBD per capsule.

Usage Advice: Take the recommended serving (or as needed) daily with water.


Topicals, such as creams, lotions, salves and gels have started to gain popularity. They are applied onto the skin to help with pain, inflammation, swelling or more skin-specific issues such as acne. When considering topical products for purchase, make certain the product description mentions the use of nano-technology, encapsulation, or micellization, to ensure the CBD will be carried through the dermal layers (your skin) rather than remaining on the surface.

Usage Advice: Use CBD infused topicals the same way you would use other body care products for the same purpose. Apply the topical when you deem it necessary or regularly the way you would when treating certain skin conditions.


Oral sprays are a new method of ingesting CBD, typically in a low concentration ranging from 1-3 mg per spray.

Usage Advice: Spray one serving as labelled on the bottle into your mouth. Ensure to minimise spillage through holding the spray head close to your mouth. Use daily or as needed.


When inhaled through a vape pen, CBD passes to the lungs where it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Inhalation of CBD through a vape will avoid the first-pass metabolism in the liver and it is the quickest way to get CBD absorbed and circulating in the system. However, the CBD is only effective for a relatively short period of time and peak bloodstream levels are within 10 minutes.

We do not recommend vapes: Vaping might not be as bad as smoking but it still might have some negative health consequences in the long run. Therefore we do not offer a recommendation on the use of vapes at Dosage.       

How do you use CBD?