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Fall has fallen upon us, the summer colours are quickly fading and the days getting shorter with every night we sleep. This is traditionally the time for harvesting the seeds of our hard work and cultivate nourishment of the body and mind. Feeling an urge for early nights is natural as winter approaches but if you are among the more than 30% af the UK population who suffers from insomnia you might find yourself not getting that extra sleep you need

Dr Julie is hosting a SLEEP EXPERT PANEL on November 19, 7 pm, in in Marylebone with the best UK sleep experts


- Dr Irshaad Ebrahim (Consultant Neuropsychiatrist and Medical Director) and Hayley Pedrick (Nutritional Therapist and Corporate Sleep Coach) from London Sleep Centre

- Max Kirsten (Certified Sleep Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Success Coach at The Sleep Coach)

- Dr Dani Gorden (UK Cannabis Medicine Specialist, US Integrative Medicine,

Join the sleep panel and get a specially tailored SLEEP GOODIE BAG worth minimum of 25 GBP with high-quality products from hopeCBDNooro and other exciting brands.

You also get an exclusive 10% sale on all the products in the shop.


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Last week Dr Julie flew to Denmark to participate in a Forum Cannabis Clinicians and researchers.

The Danish Cannabis Scheme

Since the beginning of the Danish cannabis scheme in January 2018 more than 10.000 prescriptions to over 3000 patients has been made. The scheme has not unfolded without trouble as the Danish royal collage of Doctors decided to advice their members not to prescribe. The available cannabis products accepted by the scheme are also limited to Bedrocan, Bedica and Bediol as StenoCare had to take back their drop products when Canadian CannTrust were exposed to deal with unlicensed suppliers. Dr Tina Horsted is the pioneer of Danish cannabis and has seen more than 3000 patients in her clinics since 2015.

Among the Best in The World

Despite these troubles more than 25 high quality studies has been initiated since January 2018 and several of these are gold standard RCT’s. It is safe to say that Denmark will be among the top countries when it comes to high quality medical cannabis research. You can read some of the studies here.



Elle decoration November is out now, and you can find a whole section about SLEEP where Dr Julie is explaining how CBD might improve your time spent in the land of dreams. Read about how cannabis affects sleep here.

At Dosage, we have made a list of tips to improve your sleep and make sure you get the hours and the quality of sleep you need to keep your mind and body healthy


This month Dr Julie was featured in Balance Magazine, explaining about the Endocannabinoid system and giving her best tips on how to use CBD. You can read the full article here.

If you are interested in learning more about how Australia has dealt with the implementation of medicinal cannabis you can read about it here.

And lastly, if you want to read the story about how a chronic illness ended up catalysing the start of a family CBD business you can the story here.



Meet The Dosage Family 

Dr Chandni Hindocha joined the family a few months ago and we are still excited about having her on the team. Dr Chandni is an internationally award-winning Research Fellow at The University College London, with more than 8 years experience of studying cannabinoids including running clinical trials.

She was awarded her PhD in cannabinoid psychopharmacology in 2018. Chandni has published over 30 high impact neuro-scientific papers in academic journals and she is part of the expert working group for the Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform where she is currently helping shape the UK's drug policy of the future.

Dr Chandni has written a brilliant piece for Dosage about disruptive pharmacology and an article about the complicated matter of how your genes control the way you respond to cannabis.



This September Dr Julie spent two weeks leading Transformational Mindfulness and Yoga retreats from her estate in southern Sweden, The Mindfulness Manor.

The experiences there reminded her of how nature is a true and direct source to mindfulness. Spending time in nature can reduce blood pressure and improve the function of your immune system and help you feel less stress. Going to the parks and other green areas can do the trick if you are not close to the forest or fields.

So we encourage you - take a walk in nature, take a deep breath, and enjoy the fall!

The Journey Continues