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Learn how to handle stress

How to handle stress..

Welcome back to the Dosage Newsletter

We hope you had a great July and that you have been spending some peaceful time with your friends and family this summer. Even though the summer holiday is usually a time associated with relaxation, the annual trip can quickly turn out to be more stressful than expected. Crowded, warm airports with delayed departures and screaming children. Driving on the wrong side of the road while finding your way to your pre-booked dream location. Choosing restaurant after restaurant, activity after activity, until you finally sit at home at the end of your vacation, realising that you need a new one!

If you have concluded that you need new ways to deal with stress, here is the good news:

Dr Julie is hosting a STRESS EXPERT PANEL DISCUSSION on August 28, in in Marylebone, with experts from our partners at Heal CollectiveArdere and GONG

Join the stress panel and get a specially tailored STRESS GOODIE BAG with high quality products from exciting brands like OTOWonder WorkshopsGrön and GONG, to to stay calm when the wheels start turning again after the summer.

You also get an exclusive 10% sale on all the products in the shop and a chance to get a short private stress talk with Dr Julie after the event. 


The inspiring founder of Wunder Workshop Zoe Lvh

August inspiration from..

Wunder Workshop

Dr Julie Moltke interviewed Zoe LVH, the founder of Wunder Workshop, a London based functional botanical brand making organic and ethically sourced turmeric and plant-based products. They focus on consumption with purpose, by harvesting the power of plants for the ultimate wellness ritual. Wunder translates to miracle, and they focus on plants that have a quality that can be classed as such.

Read the full interview with Zoe LVH here.

Entourage network: Policy and Patients

The girls from the EntOURage network hosted another great event, on a hot summers evening in central London. Dr Dani Gordon was talking about her ceaseless effort when it comes to educating doctors about medicinal cannabis and her experiences as a prescriber in Canada and the United States.

We had an interesting debate with medicinal cannabis patients and advocates like Carly Barton and Lucy Stafford, sharing stories from their battle to de-stigmatise and make medicinal cannabis available to the approximately 1.5 million potential patients in the UK.

Cannabis science..

We see a growing body of scientific research

We are seeing more and more good studies coming out, looking at the ways of action of different cannabinoids and their potential human benefits. During the last month, we saw an exciting study that showed that CBD might be able to kill certain human gastric cancer cells and another study showed that CBD could attenuate aggressive behaviour after social isolation in mice.

You can read the recent cannabis science news here.

New golden standard studies

on their way

At the minute, there are many exciting studies taken place all over the world. In Denmark, where a 4-year medicinal cannabis scheme has been ongoing since January 2018, there are several ongoing high-quality studies. You can see a list of studies here. Among these, PhD, Marianne Uggen Rasmussen is investigating if CBD helps sleep and inflammatory pain in fibromyalgia patients. Her project is a gold standard, randomised, double-blinded study with a placebo control group. Expected participation of app. patients, who will receive CBD or placebo for 24 weeks.

CBD to help reduce inflammation

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that many chronic diseases that we see today are caused by low-grade chronic inflammation in the body. This is why anti-inflammatory, diets are booming, and why Dr. Julie recommends to have a diet low in sugar, and high in fibre and healthy fats. Since CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, Dr Julie recommends to add a CBD oil to the daily anti-inflammatory routine.

Dr Julie uses the TruSpectrum CB2 Boost Tincture as part of her current morning routine.

Medicinal cannabis with Dr Julie Moltke (1).png

Upcoming Events

Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals - LONDON and Medicinal Cannabis and YOU - LONDON

On September 16 and 19, The non-for-profit organisation Medical Choices UK is hosting two events for health care professionals and others interested in finding out the latest information about access to patients, research, trends and so much more. Dr Julie will be speaking along with other experts, prescribers and current patients.

You can get your ticket here.

Giant Health October 15-16

We are excited to be going to Giant Health, Europe's most celebrated festival of health tech innovation. Meet us at the Cannabis Stage on October 16, along with Dr Dedi Meiri and other leading experts in the field who will be talking about the today and tomorrow of cannabis and tech.

For tickets use the discount code: GIANT_IASO

GCI Europe November 13-14

Dr Julie is working together with the Global Cannabis Institute for their upcoming GCI Europe in London from November 13-14, 2019. Dr Julie will be attending as a thought leader and a panellist at the conference on the below panels:

How Best to Execute Harm Reduction Campaigns and Educating Fellow Clinicians 

Panel Discussion: Medicine in Practice - Utilising Cannabis as an Alternative to Traditional Treatment

GET IN TOUCH: Let us know you will be there at


Introducing The Team

Meet The Dosage Family 

Over the next couple of newsletters, we will introduce you to our community of contributing writers at Dosage. Last week we introduced you to the girls from Heal Collective, and today we would like you to meet the two inspiring sisters who co-created the brand Ardere.

Ardere was founded by Nicole and Lauren Windas, who offers an evidence-based approach to providing wellness and nutrition advice while providing delicious healthy recipes and aromatherapy products. Besides their product line, they offer nutrition advice and host retreats and other events. Nicole and Lauren will be on the Dosage Stress Panel on August 28.

You can find out more about Ardere and book a consultation here.

The Journey Continues