About DOsage

What is the dosage you need of anything? We try to answer this as we journey trough the world of health and wellness.

At Dosage, we are on a mission to share the fantastic world of cannabis culture and general health and wellness, seen through the eyes of science and with an open-minded and holistic attitude.

Our mission is to inspire and enlighten through the power of knowledge, bridging The gaps between traditional western medicine and holistic practices

The internet is booming with endless information on how to live a healthy and happy life and flooded with pictures of flying yoga profs, cannabis cancer cures, colourful juice diets and the newest body work-outs. We will help you navigate the jungle of health information while uncovering health myths and writing about what is known, and what has yet to be discovered.

We are collective of CONsCIOUS AND likeminded people; from doctors AND YOGA TEACHERS TO life-coaches AND CHEFS.

We have a passion for spreading science-backed knowledge and information, in a way that makes it easy to understand and apply to your own life. Connect with the Dosage family through our monthly events and newsletter, for inspiration and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Follow Dr. Julie, our editor in chief, when she journeys through the world of cannabis and general health, from conferences and science gatherings, to attending wellness festivals and visiting cannabis growers and brands.


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Can cannabis and CBD oil treat anxiety and stress? How much CBD should you take? What is the difference between CBD and marijuana? We take at look at these and many more questions at Dosage.

Meet the family

Dr Julie Moltke is a qualified medical doctor and CBD and cannabis expert with a holistic approach and a passion for mental health


:Dr Julie Moltke


Dr Julie Moltke qualified as a Doctor at Copenhagen University of Medicine and studied at Karolinska University, Stockholm and Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris. She has strong holistic approach and a passion for mental health. Driven by curiosity she found herself drawn towards understanding the science behind one of the major hot-topics of the decade: the world of cannabis. As the editor in chief of Dosage she is on a mission to make science-backed knowledge about cannabis and general health available to a wider audience to help people live a healthy life.

“As a doctor, I believe in creating awareness about different ways to live a balanced, healthy life. As all people are different, the key is to learn to listen to your body and your mind and choosing what is right for you.”

Born and raised between two farms in Denmark and Sweden, Julie later carried out her medical studies in Copenhagen. She has worked with orthopaedic surgery and as a GP. She is a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher. Last year Julie started a luxury mindfulness and yoga retreat at her farm in southern Sweden. Julie is currently living in London from where she travels the world exploring the cannabis industry from a scientific angle.




Dr Chandni Hindocha is an internationally award-winning Research Fellow at University College London.

Chandni is completely driven by understanding the effects of cannabis and cannabinoids on mental health and has 8 years of experience studying cannabinoids including running clinical trials.

She was awarded her PhD cannabinoid psychopharmacology in 2018. Chandni has published over 30 high impact neuro-scientific papers in academic journals and she is part of the expert working group for the Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform where she is currently helping shape the UK's drug policy of the future.

Chandni's aims are to advance clinical research, increase patient access and monitor therapeutic benefits and harms to better inform the future of cannabis in the UK.

Chandni has on extraordinary insight into the science of cannabis and as part of the Dosage team, she helps the readers get an understanding of a world which is often kept in the laboratory.

Dr Chandni Hindocha is an internationally award-winning Research Fellow at University College London.
Medical Doctor and specialist in treatment of Stress and mental health problems, founder of Akesio, Clinic in Harley street .


:Dr Lavinia Ionita


Dr. Ionita studied at the Craiova Faculty of Medicine in Romania, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Ionita is specialised in Addictology at the University of Paris-V and holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology from the University of Paris-VIII. She is holds a certification in Genetics & Genomics from the University of Stanford with minors in Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Genomics Approach of Cancer, Stem Cells & Pharmacogenomics.”

Dr. Lavinia Ionita is a practitioner with a groundbreaking approach to medicine, dedicated to prevention and health instead of focusing on disease, like traditional medicine does.

She aims to reinvent primary care with a data-driven preventative approach, helping individuals to take care of their health in a more scientific and ultimately more efficient way. Dr. Ionita has a clinic on Harley Street and is the founder of Akesio; A innovative new health approach that measures your stress biomarkers and create a personalised plan for living healthier.

Food and nutrition expert who creates healthy and tasty meals.


:Patricia Romero


Patricia trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine, followed by further exploration of the mind-body connection and studying food as medicine. Her food philosophy is centred around simple, fresh and colourful fare that promotes mental and physical wellbeing.

Food is rooted in Patricia’s childhood, and her passion only grew as it became a creative medium to express herself through what she puts on the plate.

Together with MariaLuisa, Patricia co-founded Heal Collective with the purpose of creating long-term mindset shifts towards healthier lifestyles. Heal Collective do this by sharing tools and information through their monthly plant-based supperclubs and life coaching circles, to create new practices beyond their events for lasting change.

MariaLuisa is our qualified life coach and expert in intuition and how to live a happy life




Marialuisa trained at the Animas Centre for Coaching in an accredited diploma in transformational coaching. She invites individuals to go on an adventure with themselves and provides tools to tap into their inner power to create positive, meaningful and long lasting change.

Marialuisa IS a compassionate community connector, driven by equality and all things divine and femininE.

Together with Patricia, Marialuisa co-founded Heal Collective with the purpose of creating long-term mindset shifts towards healthier lifestyles. Heal Collective do this by sharing tools and information through their monthly plant-based supper-clubs and life coaching circles, to create new practices beyond their events for lasting change.


:Lauren windas


Lauren Windas is a fully registered Nutritionist (mBANT) (CNHC) and Naturopath (ND) with major focus on stress, fatigue and digestive health. In 2012, Lauren was diagnosed with M.E (more commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Lauren struggled to stay awake and keep up the energy to get through a single working day. In addition, she suffered from cognitive and digestive symptoms and food intolerances, amongst other confusing and debilitating health troubles.

Lauren utilised the power of functional medicine, which examines the underlying causes of illness and health imbalances. She treated herself naturally and has almost entirely REturned to her normal health.

By making specific dietary and lifestyle changes she learned the fundamental triggers of poor health. Lauren has build on this personal life lesson to qualify as a nutritionist and naturopath and has teamed up with her sister, Nicole, to share their collective passion for healthy living and create their own wellbeing lifestyle brand, ARDERE. A latin translation of ‘glow’, ARDERE aims to evoke the glow in you through their collection of organic aromatherapy products, healthy recipes, and nutritional advice.

Lauren Windas contributes with inspirational content about nutrition, stress and food at Dosage.
Nicole Windas is a certified wellness coach and will be sharing evidence based knowledge on how to live a healthy life




Nicole Windas is a certified wellness coach (IIN), focusing on stress relief, natural skincare and mental health. She is co-founder of ARDERE (pronounced ‘ar-deh-ray’, meaning ‘glow’), a wellbeing lifestyle brand specialising in organic self-care products, nutrition services, healthy recipes and wellness advice. Nicole is taking a holistic approach to wellbeing, touching on what she terms as the 5 pillars of health.

Nicole believes in giving you the evidence-based tools so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to your health. ‘It’s not about changing every aspect of your life, but just simple swaps that can lead to a happier and healthier you’.

After learning about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, Nicole gained an increased consciousness of ingredients lists, not only when it comes to food, but also in terms of what products were in her home and what she was using on her skin. Nicole is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. She explores techniques, products and recipes that not only promote a profound sense of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, but also that can be used to support a variety of physical symptoms.

Meet Selma Studer who will explain what GONG is good for and how sound can heal.


:Selma Studer


After spending more than 10 years leading marketing and communications at Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, Selma decided it was finally time to follow her passion for wellness and help people do something about the stress and anxiety that ravages so many lives.

She has since immersed herself in the word of sound healing and is dedicated to introducing more people to the amazing therapeutic effects of gong baths.

Through GONG, Selma is bringing the meditative and revitalising experience of a gong bath to individuals and teams all over the world, helping them find more space in their minds, less tension in their bodies, and greater health and balance in their lives overall. You can learn more about GONG at aboutgong.com, book an immersive gong experience here, or get in touch at selma@aboutgong.com to discuss a bespoke event. 



:Lea PichleR


Lea Pichler, Msc is a health education and promotion specialist trained at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. After her studies in European Public Health she started working successfully as an editor for online medical education programs. 

Driven by the question why doctors are not informed about medical cannabis and cannabinoids she went back to university to obtain her masters degree in health education and promotion with a specific focus on medical cannabis education. 

Lea lives in Vienna, Austria from where she works with hemp/CBD marketing & content creation, helping destigmatise and raise cannabis awareness. She is passionate about translating scientific evidence into a clear and simple language for various target groups.

Her side project bakedinvienna focuses on vegetarian conscious food ideas with and without hemp. Food as the base for wellbeing & health – using a sustainable and conscious approach through local, seasonal produce, topped with foraged mushrooms and forgotten greens.


:Dr Leon Barron


Dr Barron is a General Practitioner based in London, UK.  He undertook his primary medical qualification at Barts and The Royal London Hospital and continued his training at The Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. He went on to gain experience in a wide range of medical and surgical hospital specialities prior to completion of his GP training. 

A strong interest in mental health, chronic disease and chronic pain management has led to an interest in medical cannabis as an alternative therapy for patients who have not found conventional therapies to be effective.  

He has undertaken specialist training in medical cannabis prescribing from leading physicians from Canada and Israel, who are considered global experts in this emerging field of medicine. Dr Barron is a contributor and lecturer for The Academy of Medical Cannabis, resident GP at The Medical Cannabis Clinics London Clinic and Executive Committee Member of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society. He also continues to undertake regular NHS work and is a visiting tutor for undergraduate medicine at University College London.